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At Happy Cats we pride ourselves on spacious Chalets and Runs. Happy Cats boasts a minimum of approx. 140 cu ft. Veterinary advice recommends that the minimum cubic capacity in each Chalet be not less than 80 cu.ft. The runs are equally spacious and vary in size, the majority being 4' Wide by 6' Long and 6'9" High i.e. 160 cu ft.

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Each Chalet is fully insulated with each cat having its own comfortable house, which leads to a private covered run overlooking the gardens. Each Chalet is centrally heated and this is controlled by individual thermostat.

Within each Chalet and run a shelf is provided so your cat can relax at a higher level should it wish to do so. If your cat is elderly or should not jump up and down the shelves are easily removed.

When your cat is residing with us we do encourage owners to bring its bed, sleeping basket or favourite cushion etc, as familiar smells help them to settle in and provide a great deal of comfort.



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